World-Class Cheese Curds and Beer Cheese
  • Prosquito Roll Small


    Our delicious Prosquito begins with our Mozzarella crafted from fresh local milk.  Our Master Cheesemakers' delicately hand rolls the mozzarella with the finest prosciutto creating a truly unique cheese with an unforgettable, savory flavor.

    Prosquito is a statement-making treat on any dining or appetizer table.  It pairs well with wine and adds a gourmet touch to any appetizer plate.  Alternatively, it can be used in sandwiches for a decadent touch.

    • Halal
    • CRA Certified
    • Local:  YES
    • Made from pasteurized cow's milk
    • Additives:  NO
    • Preservatives:  NO
    • Country of Origin:  Canada
    • Type:  Fresh Firm
    • Texture:  Soft
    • Colour:  White and Red
    • Vegetarian:  NO
    • Gluten Free:  YES
    • 100% Certified Canadian Milk